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Moon Rising Segments
For over 50 years we have been told and convinced the Moon is nothing more than a black and white desolate rock with moon dust and craters. The thousands of photos released to the public have always presented a black and white Moon. Even the most recent Hubble Photographs of the Moon are black and white. NASA continues to perpetuate the "lie" that the Moon is black and white. Moon Rising is the first film that presents Full Color Photography of the Moon.
The Moon
On the left is one of the published photos of the Moon as we have been seeing for years. On the right is the same Moon photo in full color.
Galileo Color Moon This color image of The Moon was taken by Galileo at 9:35 a.m. PST, on December 9, 1990 at a range of about 350,000 miles. Where are the other full color images of the Moon?
Clementine Mission
On January 25, 1994 - The Deep Space Program Science Experiment "Clementine" was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base. 1.8 million digital images were taken in a variety of image enhancements including the Natural Color of the Moon.
Clementine Mission
These images were made available over the internet on the Clementine Lunar Image Browers 1.5.
Clemetine Mission
This object is one of many discovered by Joseph P. Skipper on the Clementine 1.5 Web Browser. The object has been determined to have been ten times larger than the City of Los Angeles. It was was resting on-top of crater Zeeman which is located on the far side of the Moon. This among many other anomolous objects photographed in 1994, have been "smudged" to blur the details.
Clementine Mission
The Image Browser was on the internet for all to see until 2009, after Moon Rising was released, revealing it's existence. The Clementine Lunar Image Browser 1.5 has been replaced by version 2.0. This newer version has removed everything. Now all you see is what you are "allowed to see."
Clementine Mission
Clementine Mission
Jose Escamilla's Moon Rising Archives contain many more anomolies that were available to view until 2009. Jospeh P. Skipper, among many other researchwers managed to download this evidence before it was suppressed.
Moon Object
There are many unexplained objects that were photographed throughout Moon Missions such as the one above from Apollo 17 (AS17-150-23085). The original photograph was color, but had been tampered with by making it look "over exposed" brightening the photo to where it's features are not decernable (See Photo Below).
Apollo 23085
This is the original Photograph AS17-150-23085 which was originally released "upside down." We have rotated it in this perspective for you to find the object. It is not easily detectable.
Life Magazine Photo
This Apollo 17 Earth Rise photo was featured on the cover of LIFE Magazine - January 1,1972.
LIFE Magazine Moon Photo
Upon closer inspection it is revealed that this is a very bad composite sold to the public.
NASA Vector
The NASA LOGO bears a "Vector" symbol across the blue orb.
Vector Wing
The Hypersonic Wing Design was the latest in aeronautics in 1959, when the Official NASA LOGO was designed.
We have to wonder why all the foreign space agencies have adapted this "Vector" as their insignia, including Japan, China, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Belgium. Malasia, even IRAN our enemy, The Air Force, Military ,DOD and Corporate Aerospace companies, such as Lockheed Martin, you name it they have all chosen this symbol. In Moon Rising the symbology is revealed appearing in 15th Century Frescos. What were those artists trying to convey to us? What is even more intriguing are the "space objects" that have been filmed on NASA cameras that are identicial in form and shape to this symbol. Either they are all paying homage to a space entity or this is all a coincidence...?