How to Choose the Right Statement Neckpiece That Enhances a Low Neckline?

February 8, 2024

You’ve dreamt of that perfect date night, picked out the flawless dress that accentuates your silhouette, but something seems amiss. You need the last piece of the style puzzle – the right statement necklace. The perfect necklace can elevate your fashion game by several notches, make your outfit pop and add a dash of drama to the simplest of ensembles. But how to choose the perfect piece? Our guide will help you navigate the world of necklines and necklaces, assisting you to select the right necklace that beautifully complements your low neckline and reflects your personal style.

Know Your Necklaces

Before you can choose the perfect piece, it’s important to understand the different types of necklaces available. Whether it’s a dazzling diamond pendant, a lengthy lariat or a chunky chain, each necklace has its unique style and flair.

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Pendant necklaces feature a design or a gem that hangs from the chain. They could be anything from an intricate design to a simple letter. Chain necklaces are a staple in any jewelry box and come in various lengths and styles. From delicate cable chains to bold curb chains, they can be worn alone or adorned with charms for a personalized touch.

Statement necklaces are bold and eye-catching pieces that will surely turn heads. They can be large, chunky pieces with intricate designs, or they could be simpler, sleek pieces with a single standout feature. They are perfect for adding a touch of drama to an outfit and are best suited to be worn with simpler, less busy outfits to ensure they stand out.

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Lariat necklaces, also known as Y-necklaces, are a trendy choice. They feature a long chain with a drop at the end and are ideal for deep V-necklines. They add a level of sophistication to your outfit and can be adjusted to suit varying necklines.

Understanding Necklines

Choosing the ideal necklace involves considering the neckline of your outfit. Low necklines open up the neck area, providing an excellent canvas for showcasing your statement jewelry.

One of the most common low necklines is the V-neck. This cut draws attention to the neck and chest area, making it perfect for pendant necklaces or lariats. Another popular low neckline is the scoop neck. This rounded, low neckline is ideal for chunky statement necklaces.

Off-shoulder or boatneck style necklines are another option, exposing a larger area of your neck and shoulders. Longer, chunkier necklaces or multi-layered chains work best with these necklines.

Matching Necklaces with Necklines

When pairing necklaces with necklines, you want to ensure the necklace complements the neckline without competing with it.

For a V-neck, a pendant necklace that matches the V shape will complement the neckline perfectly. The pendant should ideally end just above the lowest point of the neckline. Another excellent choice for V-necks is the lariat necklace. The Y shape matches the V shape of the neckline, creating a harmonious look.

For a scoop neckline, a statement necklace that follows the curve of the neckline is a fabulous choice. It fills the space without overpowering the neckline.

Off-shoulder or boatneck styles allow for more versatility. Longer necklaces, especially multi-layered chains, add a hint of style while balancing the wide neckline.

Consider Your Style

While matching your necklace to your neckline is crucial, ultimately, your personal style should guide your choice. If you prefer minimalist jewelry, a simple pendant or delicate chain may be more your speed. For those who love to make a bold statement, a chunky necklace or multi-layered chains could be the ideal choice.

The key is to ensure that your chosen necklace complements your outfit and doesn’t compete with it. Remember, the necklace is there to enhance your look, not overpower it. So, if your outfit is already quite busy with prints or embellishments, keep your necklace simple. If your outfit is simple, feel free to experiment with bolder, statement pieces.

Choosing the right necklace is not just about fashion, it’s about expressing yourself. So, don’t shy away from choosing a necklace that reflects your personality and makes you feel fabulous. After all, the best accessory a woman can wear is confidence.

Body Type and Necklace Length

An important aspect that often goes unnoticed while choosing the right necklace for a low neckline is the influence of body type. Your body type plays a significant part in determining the necklace length that will best complement your look. Standard necklace lengths range from 14 inches to 36 inches, depending on the style and design.

In case you have a petite physique, shorter necklaces, especially those that sit closer to the neck, can work wonders. They can draw attention to your neckline while adding a sense of balance to the overall look. On the other hand, if you have a fuller figure, longer necklaces or lariats that hang low could be an excellent choice. These necklaces can elongate your frame and add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

Women with a larger bust should consider opting for shorter necklaces that sit above the bust line. This will help avoid drawing additional attention to the bust. Conversely, women with a smaller bust can opt for longer necklace lengths that hang low and add more dimension to their look.

It is also important to consider your face shape when choosing a necklace. Circular or triangular pendants can benefit those with a square or diamond-shaped face, as they help to soften the angles. For those with a round face, a longer necklace can help create a more elongated look.


Choosing the right necklace for a low neckline can seem overwhelming with so many factors to consider – from understanding necklace types and necklines to considering your body type and the length of the necklace. However, this guide simplifies the process, helping you navigate the world of fashion effortlessly.

The key is to remember that your necklace should enhance your outfit and not compete with it. Whether it’s a pendant necklace, a lariat, or a bold statement necklace, the perfect piece is one that complements your neckline, reflects your personal style, and makes you feel confident.

A well-chosen necklace can take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, adding drama and sophistication to even the simplest of ensembles. So next time you’re dressing up for a date night, a wedding, or any occasion, remember to pay attention to your necklace. After all, it’s the little details that make the biggest statement.

Choosing the right necklace is not just about fashion, it’s a chance to express who you are. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and let your personality shine through your jewelry choices. Whether you’re bold and extravagant or subtle and minimalist, there’s a perfect necklace out there for every woman and every neckline.